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Creating a text ad is both simple and free. You have 20 characters for the title and 150 for the main text. Think short and to-the-point. I review all text ads before they appear, and reserve the right to reject advertisements for pretty much any reason that I want. Ads run for seven days. You want it to run longer than that? Come back in a week and book it again. Ads appear randomly in the listing. If there are less ads booked than there are slots on the front page, yours will appear every time. If there are more, it'll appear as often as any other ad.

Ads are not available for:

  • Any individual, product, or service not in Central Virginia
  • Stupid crap: pyramid schemes, get-rich-quick scams, etc.
  • Your website, random idea, or rant.

Don't try to rent an apartment, sell a car, or promote your business.

Example: "Bike for Sale"

Example: "Ten-speed Schwinn, brand-new, but I have to move to Europe. Bought it for $400 two months ago. Best of all, it's not a fixie! 295-2111"

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If your ad should stop running in less than seven days, please provide that date here. Example: "07/26/2024"

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If you want people to be able to click on your ad to e-mail you, provide that e-mail address here. Alternately, if you want to redirect people to a website address (URL), put that here.

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